Pimping the Peonage part three

Peonage is another word for servitude and subjugation. We have always had a Pimping the Poor series and this is part three of my Pimping the Peonage series given the number of articles promoting the Muslim culture subjugating women in our New Zealand media.


Call off the pitchforks and the flaming torches; a small group of women from a barbaric cult have done something nice.

Using the media to soft-soap the image of a gang or cult is not new. When I lived in Kawerau the Mongrel mob was the main gang there. I saw them out in public every single day, wearing their gang insignia and intimidating everyone they saw with their dirty and menacing appearance.

Shano Rogue, 2010. C-Type Photograph, 1.9M x 1.5Mmartial-portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-the-mongrel-mob-body-image-1432794172

Shano Rogue, 2010. C-Type Photograph, 1.9M x 1.5M martial-portraits-of-new-zealands-largest-gang-the-mongrel-mob-body-image-1432794172

One year they decided their image needed to be softened. They approached the council and offered to build a children’s playground. The local media went nuts and a fawning article was published showcasing the soft side of a few individual members of the gang. We were told that they were fathers too and loved their children just like we loved ours.

What was never mentioned or alluded to was the reality of the gang. They may have built a children’s playground but they controlled the drug trade in Kawerau. ?They were the reason that I was offered marijuana when I was only six years old at primary school. The Mongrel mob were responsible for most of the violence in Kawerau. To even join the gang, an individual had to commit a crime first. The gang was known for putting women ‘on the block.‘ ?The article about them building a playground was meant to put all our fears to rest. ?The underlying message was that under that gang insignia they were just kind, ordinary people like us.

They weren’t. ?They were part of a culture of violence drugs, theft and rape.

The same parallel can be drawn with this article about Muslim women. Because of the democracy they live in and the equal rights they enjoy in New Zealand, they have been able to get a university education. This is an education that would be denied to them if they were in an Islamic country. This freedom that they enjoy in New Zealand is not available under Islam. Yet, because they have fed the homeless, we are meant to disregard the tenants of Islam, the subjugation of Islam, the paedophilia of Islam, the violence of Islam ?and the supremacy of Islam. What nice kind girls, we are meant ?to think. Obviously, because these girls are so nice and kind then the entire ideology of Islam must be okay.

It isn’t. ?No matter how many homeless people these Muslim women feed, Islam still denies women equal rights and it still calls for the death of gays. It still believes that Sharia law is the perfect system of government. It is still the greatest threat to New Zealand’s democracy today.

But hey, a few scarf-wearing women did something kind, so don’t worry your pretty little head about what Islam is really all about. Individuals being nice and kind means that those individuals are nice and kind. Do not confuse individuals with ideology.