Posties get a huge fleet upgrade. Guess who’s not happy?

via RNZ

via RNZ

Did you guess the union?

There are fears new golf carts, which will replace the traditional posties’ bike, will cause mental and physical stress on workers.

The amount spent on a fleet of imported eco-vehicles was $15 million, but John Maynard from the Postal Workers Union says trials of an early model weren’t encouraging.

“The posties found it quite difficult steering in and out to all the letterboxes, so the first hazard we identified is that people are going to get sore shoulders and sore elbows from the heavier steering,” he says.

“They’ve tested an electrical vehicle for five hours of people driving them, but they’re planning on falling on half our shifts with eight or more hours of people driving them.”

Mr Maynard says NZ Post has also failed to tell posties that they’re expected to deliver parcels weighing up to 25 kilograms, as the company reduces the size of its courier van fleet.
The vehicles carry loads of up to 200kg but are still small enough to be used on the footpath.

The first shipment of 50 Norwegian-manufactured Paxster AS vehicles is due to arrive in mid-2016.

The battery-powered vehicles will be rolled-out in Auckland first.

Oh dear.? The posties may have to get off their arses to walk from their motorised transport to the letterbox – all 3 steps of it.? But if they don’t, they’ll have very sore arms from a day of steering.

And unions wonder why they continue to lose public support…


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