1080 man’s lawyer: aww your Honour, he’s mentally ill and stupid

I guess lawyers have to use whatever floats when they are being pulled under by their client, but these sorts of arguments make me wild:

Kerr’s lawyer, John Billington, QC, said Kerr’s actions were “wholly irrational” and could not be explained in normal way such as financial motivation.

“It was not the primary driver for what was an act of incredible stupidity and irrationality,” he said.

The Crown alleges Kerr had been getting royalties from sales of a cyanide-based 1080 alternative product he developed, Feratox, and wanted 1080 banned to increase the falling sales of Feratox.

But forensic accountant Shane Hussey told the court Kerr had plenty of ways to get more money – such as cutting spending in his company – to reduce any financial worries.

“If he felt stressed, he might have done any of those things. The fact he didn’t do any of those things might mean he wasn’t stressed,” he said. …

In a police interview played to the court, Kerr confessed to sending the letters, saying he had no objection to 1080 but had seen some irresponsible drops that had killed livestock, making him “so angry” on the day he sent the threat.

“I just had really bad mental health and I just cracked,” he told police.

Bad mental health doesn’t happen to you one day, and then not the next day.

“The moment I did it I regretted it.”

Yet he miraculously had another irrational mental health day when he followed it up with the 2nd letter.

So, nothing to do with money: just stupidity and irrational anger, and driven by a day of mental health here and there, made him obtain baby formula and concentrated 1080 and write two letters.

Which he INSTANTLY regretted doing.

– NZN via Newshub