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Hate Speech researcher Scott Poynting

Hate Speech researcher Scott Poynting

Remember this guy? I made him face of the day December last year and Whaleoil wrote about him here and here.?Professor Poynting reacted to our articles by sending us a legal letter?where he accused us of defaming him by calling him anti-semitic.

Now, three months later, we have some news. It involves a resignation, a refusal to write an apology letter, the Tertiary Education Union and the New Zealand Jewish Council. For the full details read our 8.30 post.

…”He wasn’t speaking as an academic … There was no misconduct, so the matter ends there. Just because people were made uncomfortable doesn’t mean it is misconduct,” Grey said.


If his ?letter to the editor had been about a topic unrelated to his profession then I could accept that he wasn’t speaking as an academic but Professor Poynting is known as a Hate crimes expert. He writes and lectures about Hate speech! His letter was an example of Hate speech. He reminds me of that awful woman Bahar Mustafa who was hired by a university as a diversity officer.



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