Key a victim of burglary four times over. Why not support ACT?s Three Strikes?

You’d think that after being burgled four times, John Key would be a fan of ACT’s three strikes for burglary policy.

Prime Minister John Key has revealed he once confronted an intruder who broke into his Parnell home on a stormy night – screaming when he went downstairs and saw the burglar.

At his post-Cabinet press conference this afternoon, Mr Key said, from memory, he had been burgled about four times, all incidents coming before he was elected Prime Minister.

Mr Key was burgled twice when he lived in Wellington. In one case no suspect was caught, in another his house was cleaned out, and police eventually caught a burglar who also stole his wife Bronagh’s new car.

“They stole Bronagh’s birthday present at the time which was a pink Honda City. That was of some amusement at the time to the cops that I would be stupid enough to buy her a pink Honda City.”

Another break-in came when Mr Key and his wife were at their home on St Stephens Ave in Parnell, at the time when he was Opposition leader. ?

“I went downstairs and there was a burglar there. The wife sent me down to sort it out,” Mr Key recounted.

“We thought the alarm was going off because the weather was so bad. As it turned out, it was actually someone downstairs. I started screaming, and next thing you know the cops turned up.”

Mr Key said the intruder, who broke in about 3am, ran as soon as he saw him. The police “turned up with an Alsatian” in a matter of minutes, but couldn’t catch the criminal.

“I’m sure he wasn’t very scared of me.”

I’m sure he wasn’t either…screaming? Hand in your man card.

This afternoon, Mr Key said he could understand the frustrations of homeowners who were burgled, with no subsequent arrests.

Despite the low resolution rates, he said the overall burglary rate was dropping, along with the overall crime rate.

“I can absolutely understand the frustration of people when they are burgled. People feel, and rightly so, that it is an invasion of their privacy. They feel violated by that, often.

“There is a lot of pain and suffering from burglary. I think the police genuinely do what they can to successfully resolve burglaries. But you will appreciate, that sometimes they just don’t have a lot of leads.”

Good. Glad you understand that…now adopt ACT’s bill.


– NZ Herald