Well, I guess that is one way to make housing more affordable

The NZ Herald, in its ongoing campaign against rising house prices, has hit upon a brilliant strategy for crashing the value of your house.

This week the Herald will investigate burglaries across the country in the most in-depth series on the subject ever done in New Zealand. Over five days we will examine where burglaries happen, talk to victims, burglars and the police and find out how you can protect your home and business. In part one we look at which areas are the most burgled and ask why so many crimes are unsolved.

Labour will be really pleased that the Herald has embraced their strategies for making housing more affordable.

They’ve even produced a handy interactive map to check if you can save thousands by living in a crime zone. Complete with handy colour coding to show the no-go zones…or, as I prefer?to call them, bargain housing estates.


I have no doubt that, like the Labour party and their criminal friendly disposition, this will turn into a nasty hit job on Police.

And, of course, they’ve gone to Mr Rent-a-Quote himself to provide him a platform for his mayoral campaign:

This week Mr Goff told the Herald he had asked the Commissioner several times for specific examples of how police planned to improve resolution rates but they had not been provided.

Mr Goff told Newstalk ZB’s Rachel Smalley this morning that a critical factor in the high numbers of unsolved burglaries was that they were low on the list of priorities for police.

“The associated reason with that is that for the last six or seven years the police budget has been at best frozen and sometimes diminished in real terms so the police are looking at other things they say are greater priorities,” he said.

He said preventative measures being taken to stop crimes before they happened were not working.

“These burglars aren’t usually kids down the road that are just hungry and breaking in for a feed, these are professional criminals that work with a chain to make sure they can dispose of the goods. You nail one criminal that is a professional criminal and you stop thousands of crimes,” he said.

“[Police] have got to get their eye back on the ball on making sure that where there is a crime like a burglary or a car theft.. there is a proper investigation and follow up, there is usually DNA left at the scene.”

Nice one Phil, slagging off the cops who will have to Police the city you want to lead. No quotes from other Mayoral candidates…just Phil Goff. I guess we know which side the Herald is on this election.


– NZ Herald