It’s because they are poos

I used to have a Fitbit…actually I used to have two of them.

I don’t have one anymore and won’t be buying another one, nor will I buy any other “Wearable”. I’ll tell you why at the end of this post.

Meanwhile it seems that though they are popular there are some who are very vocal about not using them:

Wearables are rapidly increasing in popularity, but not everyone is won over – especially?when it comes to price.

This is according to a Colloquy survey, in which 63% of people said wearable devices are too expensive. Just over one out of every two people (52%) say they don?t know enough about wearables and don?t understand them.

On the other hand, 35% of people said wearable technology is nerdy, but ?cool nerdy?. In a stat that retailers will likely embrace, one in four people (27%) said they ?used to hate shopping but with my wearable I love it?, and just 8% said wearable devices are uncomfortable, Colloquy says.

Colloquy defines wearables as clothing or accessories that integrate technology into people?s everyday lives in fun and practical ways. This comes in the form as fitness trackers, eyewear, smart jewellery, a dress that posts to social networks or shorts that upload workout stats.

According to the survey, when it comes to wearables people are still highly focused on price and aesthetic. ?

Some are waiting for prices to go down before making a purchase, some are wondering if they will be behind the fashion curve, and some are concerned about age appropriateness.

Key findings include:

  • 33% said wearables make a fashion forward statement.
  • 41% said I?d be more likely to place a wearable on my pet than on myself.
  • 36% said wearables are a passing fad.
  • 58% said I?d like to use a wearable device but I?m too old.
  • 35% said people who use wearable devices are just trying to show off.

Additional survey results show that consumers registered only modest concerns about the functionality of wearables:

  • 9% said wearable devices have to be charged too often.
  • 6% said wearables are not compatible with other devices.
  • 4% said wearables have slower processing times than other devices.

Jeff Berry, Colloquy research director, says the brands that will keep people interested will be those who ‘keep it fun, and dynamic’. “Court the might millennials,” he says.

Forget fun and dynamic. While wearables seem to have a place the reality is they are just shit products.

I started wearing a Fitbit, and even though I knew the stats were wonky I didn’t care, it still gave a sort of a benchmark to measure progress or otherwise.

The problem is they just aren’t robust enough. Or made for soft cocks or something because I broke and destroyed two of them even with my alarmingly small amount of exercise. They simply can’t handle real life and if you were doing serious exercise you’d break a few more than that.

Basically they are rubbish in every regard, from the software, to the interfaces, to the hardware. So I’m not surprised that they are falling out of favour.


– Netguide