Richie McCaw and Dan Carter join me on the list of people John Key isn’t allowed to txt

The Media party are making a big song and dance because John Key txts Richie McCaw and Dan Carter.

Only they would think the PM shouldn’t be allowed to txt people, like their massive fuss over whether or not John Key txts me.

Prime Minister John Key?has revealed he texted?former All Blacks Richie McCaw and Dan Carter to draw their attention to his video promoting a flag change.

Both high-profile All Blacks went on to publicly?support the alternative?flag design that was defeated in a public referendum?in March.

Key’s chief of staff, Wayne Eagleson, disclosed details of the texts?after an Official Information Act request, NZME reported. ?

Eagleson?said?the Prime?Minster?could not remember the exact date the text messages were sent and did not have copies of them.

McCaw weighed in on the flag debate in February, not long after being crowned New Zealander of the Year.

He?posted a photo on his Facebook page of the New Zealand and Australian flags hanging side-by-side at Twickenham during?the 2015 Rugby World Cup final in London, with the message:?”This is the moment when I decided a new flag would be great for our country.”

About the same time, Carter appeared in a video?alongside a number of other sports starts and prominent Kiwis who were all pushing to change the flag.

Eagleson said it was unclear whether Key texted the now-retired All Blacks?in his role as Prime Minister or in a private capacity. Key had decided to volunteer the information, he said.

So Richie McCaw and Dan Carter join me on?the?list of people the Media party thinks shouldn’t be sharing txts with John Key.


– Fairfax