Has Andrew Little not heard of power sockets?

Andrew Little wants to force all landlords to provide a heat source for rental properties.

He strangely thinks landlords will, out of the goodness in their hearts, not pass on the costs of providing said heat source.

Andrew Little says it’ll only be “greedy landlords” who hike rents on the back of his proposed Bill to insulate and warm homes.

The Labour leader’s Healthy Homes Guarantees Bill is set to be introduced to the House tomorrow which would make sure all rental homes in New Zealand are warm and dry, including a requirement for a heating source in every property.

A heating source? Does he specify what kind of heating source? A coal range? A fireplace? a two bar electric heater? A heat pump? ?

Every option costs money, and landlords will pass on those costs, just like any business would.

The Bill would require any new leases 12 months after the law comes into effect to meet the standards, but landlords will have up to five years to meet requirements for leases which continue through that time.

Prime Minister John Key was concerned rents would go up as a result of the legislation.

“Even if they were to put a heat pump in, the question is ‘would someone actually use that?’ The answer is they might or might not depending on their financial circumstances.”

He says the Government is trying to provide a warmer and better environment for people but won’t have the cost passed on to the cost of tenancies.

“That’s why we’re in favour of insulation, operating smoke alarms, we think the issue of heat pumps is one step too far in private rentals.”

Why heat pumps? Has a heat pump manufacturer donated to Labour, or attended one of their fancy dinners with lobbyists?

But Mr Little rejected suggestions the new requirements would lead to an increase in rents, saying landlords will have plenty of time to absorb the cost.

“That in my view, is a cost landlords will be able to bear over that time, given the increasing value the property will enjoy over that period.

“This does not need to lead to hikes in rents, and only greedy landlords will be seeking to hike rents for this reason.”

It will lead to a hike in rents.

More to the point why does Labour think it is a landlord’s responsibility to provide a heat source…have they not heard of power sockets? Every household in NZ has power, tenants can provide their own heat source.

Or is Labour going to now prescribe precisely what types of heat sources are acceptable and then create an army of clip-board wielding?inspectors to go around forcing tenants to use them?