Auckland Council tries charm offensive

Auckland Council had been slapped down by Bill English with a threat to release more land or face consequences.

Which include sacking Council and replacing them with commissioners.

So what do they do?

Go on the PR offensive.

I can smell a Council orchestrated PR offensive on apartments from 600 paces. It looks and smells like a dead cat and always involves their favourite developer Marky Mark.

It’s not his fault he gets quoted – he’s just the only developer the Council PR flunkies know and like.

Home buyers are turning their backs on traditional suburban villas, sparking a boom in apartment living.

Building consents for apartments have increased tenfold in five years and figures show one in five people buying apartments are switching from a house. ??

Developers say they are battling to keep up with demand for large, luxury flats. One block of 59 is still under construction but all but three apartments have been sold.

And industry experts say Auckland is witnessing a sea-change in mindset, placing us more in line with European cities, where apartment living is the norm.

Mark Todd of Ockham Residential, which is building the Hypatia on Khyber Pass Rd, said the growth in the high-end apartment market was partly driven by baby boomers looking for somewhere to live rather than to invest in.

“It’s a market that is growing at about 100 per cent a year but it is not a market catering to the first-home buyer,” Mr Todd said.

“These apartments are expensive because it costs a lot to build them.”

There are literally hundreds of property developers in Auckland. And most are into building apartments in some way shape or form.

The largest apartment developer is Conrad Properties who dwarf the competition in volume. No comment from them.

And no real data from a reliable source to prove what is occurring is even factual.

Looks like a Council PR offensive. Smells like one too.