Fraser House whispers 2: Which media are the “in crowd” with Nicky Hager?


If you have missed yesterday’s intelligence report on the goings on around Labour, Hager and the Panama Papers hit, quickly catch up and then return.

I’ve run the tapes through a noise filter and managed to pick up some more of the conversation.

As I said yesterday, it appears TV3 have been frozen out from Camp Hager. ?Which seems a little odd, seeing as TV3 are one of the most Government-hostile media companies, and the likes of Owen and Gower would be chomping at the bit to get a freebie served up.

And then it struck me: ?Hager’s loyalty is to John Campbell, not TV3. ? So a quick check with the Red Radio Pimpernel, and wouldn’t you know it – Radio New Zealand are part of the embargoed media organisations that have been working on how to best present this story to its audience.

No less than half a dozen staff have been dedicated to the job and nobody has had much time off over the weekend.

Now let’s take a step back for a moment, and have a think about how embargoes work. ? They work one of two ways.

  1. The media doesn’t know about the story at all. ?They all get a press release with an embargo on it. ?This allows media to prep and do a better job. ?Come the embargo horizon – they all go with it at the same time.
  2. One media org has been working on the story and has the exclusive. ?An agreement exists for that story to break with that media company first. ?Some trusted media companies may get some info as well, but it is embargoed to ensure the exclusive goes with the company that did all the hard work.

What we have here however is a couple?of cherry picked media organisations: ?TVNZ and Radio New Zealand. ?And that’s it.

So I had a feel around Fairfax. ?Boy are they pissed. ?They are out in the cold, just like TV3. ?What did they do to deserve that?

And then the logic hit me. ?It’s not the company that Hager has loyalties to, it’s the people. ?And who used to be at Fairfax and is now at TVNZ? ? None other than Mata Hari Vance. ?(There is another reason to shun Fairfax, more about that later)

None of this is developing like a normal media story. ?Here we have a Hager, again, using hacked information, again, working with the Labour Party, again and using trusted key media people, again, to prepare a coordinated hit against National.


I’ll tell you one thing – the media in New Zealand are seriously broken when they are colluding with political parties to develop and coordinate political hits. ? Oh, I don’t mind the actual process. ?Hell no. ?It’s what I’m doing every day. ?The problem is that they are pretending to be above all that. ?They are ‘real’ media, and they are beyond reproach.

Dirty Politics. ?Dirty Media.

And voters who don’t care.