Government to add TPP legislation to political bonfire

The weapons-grade wailing from the left-wing will continue unabated as John Key announces that TPP enabling legislation will be introduced to the House.

New Zealand will make another step towards progressing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) when legislation is introduced in Parliament next week.

The law changes are required to bring New Zealand’s domestic rules into line with the 12-nation trade agreement.

Legislation will be tabled in Parliament on Monday, and is expected to get its first reading on May 12.

A select committee completed nationwide hearings on the TPP yesterday, and will produce a report to Parliament tomorrow. ?

A separate round of public consultation will take place on the TPP law changes, though it will focus more narrowly on the specific changes to rules around copyright, tariffs and other areas.

In a speech today to the NZ Institute of International Affairs at Parliament, Prime Minister John Key launched a charm offensive on the TPP.

It was New Zealand’s most significant trade deal, he said, opening up access to 800 million consumers around the world.

Mr Key also belittled opponents of the agreement, who he said flared up and fell away again quickly “because nothing much of substance is ever raised”.

“Most of what is in TPP is also in our existing China and Korea FTAs, neither of which has killed off democracy, wrecked the environment, led to wholesale obesity, or whatever the current anti-TPP message is,” Mr Key said.

The disconnect from the left-wing, but in particular Labour, over free trade is hilarious. Labour have thrown away their internationalist credentials and supplanted them with a protectionist mentality.

I guess that was always going to happen with a union boss as leader. They’ve never really been progressive in their thinking, driving through life navigating via the rear view mirror.


– NZ Herald