Little: “Labour will defy the TPPA”

Andrew Little over the weekend spent some time at Labour’s Region 2 conference at Waihi.

During his stay he was filmed by a member talking about the TPPA and changing the government.

To rounds of applause he declared “We don’t have to defy the TPPA. But we will. Labour will defy the TPPA!” Then a bit more quietly amidst the claps he adds “…. If that is what we have to do.

What Andrew “8.9%” Little is saying is that he will threaten our trade relationships and economy because the TPPA doesn’t let him act in an arbitrary and discriminatory way towards foreigners [with chinky sounding names]. ?

The man is a nutcase.

We’ve already discussed his complete lack of understanding of the deal.?We don’t need to go over all his silly claims again.

But this is a deal that has been signed. It will eventually be ratified by member nations.

What this shows is Andrew Little’s complete contempt for the legal process, for rule of law and established international order. This is a very dangerous path for a western politician to go down.

Neither does Andrew Little have the strength of character to make a bold decision and stick to it. Notice how he says “We don’t have to defy the TPPA. But we will. Labour will defy the TPPA”. This sounds scripted, rehearsed even. But then he follows up with a meeker, more instinctive “…?if that is what we have to do.”

The good news?

This is entirely academic because Labour is not going to win in 2017 and New Zealander’s aren’t going to let them anywhere near the cabinet table.

But Andrew Little needs to come clean on which international treaties he will decide to defy, because if you will defy the TPPA then you can defy every other international obligation as well.

Labour are simply irresponsible. What is amazing is that Andrew Little thinks he can say things in private and it won’t get out on the internet.