Mark Thomas is right – people will be ?living on Mars? before the port is moved

John Palino wants the port moved and provided some analysis on how that might be achieved. Vic Crone also wants it moved but has no idea how to move it, it’s just blocking her view. Phil Goff is just echoing what his corporate donors are saying.

Mark Thomas says that people will be living on Mars before the port is ever moved, and he’s right.

NBR reports:

Even if Auckland Council?s Port Future Study recommends moving Auckland?s downtown wharves, mayoral contender Mark Thomas says it will be pie in the sky.

Mr Thomas says people will be ?living on Mars? before the port is moved as there are higher priorities for the city.

He says the port is a low priority for the thousands of Aucklanders he has spoken to during his campaigning. ??

The Port Future Study is working toward its final July recommendations to the council that are understood to include three offshore sites off Manukau?s coast for a possible new port. They include a site just outside the Manukau bar, Hikihiki and Puhuini.

Three of the other mayoral contenders have called for the port to be moved for the growth and prosperity of the city.

John Palino wants the ports business sold and the port moved in a decade, Victoria Crone says it can?t keep up with the city?s growth and is obsolete while Phil Goff says the 75ha of prime central business district land it occupies could be producing a better return for the council.

Mr Thomas tells NBR Radio that Auckland is distracting itself with a debate that will take decades?when there are more pressing issues such as rail, freight traffic on the roads and congestion.

He says the city has a long laundry list of projects that need doing but they have never been prioritised by mayor Len Brown or his councils and that has compounded the issue.

Mark Thomas is dead right on this and it isn’t often that you will find me agreeing with Mark Thomas.