McCully is a disgrace, not fit to hold a ministerial warrant any longer


Murray McCully has become a disgrace, well, more of a disgrace than he has been in the past.

He has become an Arab apologist and anti-Israel mouthpiece with no respect whatsoever for Israel.

New Zealand?s Foreign Minister Murray McCully has fronted Auckland?s Jewish community criticising?Israel?s policies in its region.

Speaking at the Auckland Hebrew Congregation, ?Peace in the Middle East? McCully placed a great deal of the blame for the lack of progress in the plans for peace on Israel?s settlements policy according to reports received today.

McCully refused to accept that attacks by Palestinians on Israelis were acts of terrorism?saying that Israelis and others could call them terrorism but he would not.?At the function organised by the New Zealand Zionist Federation the Foreign Minister said that New Zealand had contributed to a mine-clearing operation on the West Bank the aim of which was to clear land for Palestinian agriculture. He told the audience that after the area had been cleared Israel took a portion of it to build a road denying ? the Palestinians the right to use that strip for farming?an action which displeased the New Zealand government.

McCully appealed to the Jewish community to contacts friends and family in Israel to seek their cooperation in persuading Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ?to cease his settlement activity?.

So he is advocating in favour of BDS type lobbying and pressure? How rude. He attends a Jewish meeting and then abuses and insults his hosts. I bet he wouldn’t do that at a mosque.

New Zealand currently is?a non-permanent member of the U.N. Security Council .

McCully said that?New Zealand?wants to see the UN Security Council shoulder its responsibilities on the Middle East Peace Process.

And insulting people will work won’t it?

He said that it has been seven years since the Council has even passed a resolution on this question and were continually?being told that ?the time is not right? and ?the parties are not ready?.

He added that while we wait, the situation on the ground gets worse, violence has escalated, and the viability of the two state solution is disappearing as a consequence of Israeli settlement activity.
He said that NZ,?frustrated by the Council?s lack of resolve, circulated a draft resolution to try to find a pathway to bring the parties back to the negotiating table.

If Arabs want peace in the Middle East all they?have to do is disband their terror organisations, their funding of terrorism and stop attacking Israel. Peace will break out. But it won’t when apologists like Murray McCully blame Israel for everything.

McCully is well past his use by date, especially with hateful attitudes like that shown to the NZ Zionist Federation.