The PM’s favourite pollster at Curia releases the inconvenient truth

I use Curia to do our polling for INCITE:Politics, so I don’t mind running a little advert for David when he can actually tear himself away from theatre reviews, walking reports and angsty questions about technology upgrades.

The situation in NZ was:

National?s party vote is lower than a year ago but slightly higher than three years ago.

Labour?s party vote is lower than one and three years ago.

The Green?s party vote is around the same as a year ago.

NZ First party vote is up from a year ago and up from three years ago.

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Labour are doing their own polling.?? The problem with that is the bias that creeps in.? Let’s call it bias, because their own caucus are being fed numbers in the low thirties.

As for a “boost” from the Panama Papers… no.

I wonder how long the Labour MPs are going to accept being lied to.? Because for them to be right, it means every other independent polling company is wrong.


– Curia, David Farrar, Kiwiblog