Ta Moko cartoon: Whaleoil reader is offended [guest post]


I’m seriously offended, and as offence can only be taken, not given, I decided to sit and think about it.

I’m offended over the reaction from the Ta Moko cartoons depicting a little Maori boy beaten with visible bruising. Not the cartoon itself, it?s quite factual, and I maintain if it was depicting a little Pakeha boy, or an Asian boy, or even a Jewish boy, it would be okay, or those communities would accept it and move on even though statistically, they are 4 times less to be the subject of family violence than a Maori, or 3 times less than a PI child.

Naida Glavish is a prominent Maori woman, and holds a lot of Mana within Maori, she COULD be an effective change agent, if she stood up and championed change instead of taking offence. Or, could she be offended mainly as she has been the subject of things in Whaleoil previously? My belief is she really needs to sit down and look at the real problem, that the main group of people or communities committing these violent offences are still in DENIAL, and instead of accepting there is an issue and doing something about it, she and many like her run out and decide to take a fence. Surround themselves with a shield, ignore, bury their heads and claim there is nothing wrong, and don?t you dare single out my community/culture, that?s racist. I wonder how many of the abused children, the ones who were killed, do they think its racist, was their abuse and murder racist? ??

I?m also offended by the Human Rights (Wrongs) commission, they are simply adding fuel to the fire, instead of coming out with the truth the rest of NZers already know and understand, and what is a massive thorn in NZ?s side on the international stage, they often side with the offended, and give them another reason to ignore the stats, the violence and the abuse of children. By siding with the perpetually offended, they are enabling the very abuse and violence that is so deeply rooted in those communities and cultures. ???

When you break it down, the role of the Human Rights Commission is to set and to keep standards for ALL Kiwis, all means ALL, not just the leaders or the offended from certain communities or cultures, so I ask the Human Rights Commission, who stood up for the following children?s human rights, and who will stand up for the other kids who are being violently abused, murdered, deprived, and so on, who will stand up for their human rights, as currently, their parents and caregivers and collective communities are not, they seem to have adopted a silence on domestic violence, and especially of violence against children:

The Kahui twins

Nia Glassie

Cheyenne Petersen ???

Jyniah Mary Te Awa ????

Tahani Mahomet ??????

Dylan Rimoni, ???????

Riley Justin Osborne, ?????

Kash Meshetti McKinnon, ????

Jacqui Petersen-Davis, ????

Karl Richard Arch Perigo-Check, ????

Seini Unaloto Ikamanu, ????

Cezar Taylor?, ????

Sahara Jayde Koro-Baker, ????

Serenity Jay Sott-Dennington’s, ??

Terepo Taura-Griffiths’ ??????

James Joseph Ruhe Lawrence, ?????

Hinekawa Topia, ????

Leilane Mary Jane Lotonu’u-Lorigan, ????

Raynar-Lee Soljar Thompson-Hatley, ????

Atreyu Taylor-Matene, ???

Cassius Takiari’s, ?????

Soul Mathew Turany, ????

Aaliyah Ashlyn Chand, ????

Leith Allen Hutchison, ?

Leon Jayet-Cole, ????

Gracie-May McSorley, ???

Ihaka Paora Braxton Stokes, ????

Maggie Renee Watson?, ????

Moko Sayviah Rangitoheriri, ????

Matiu Wereta?, ???

Jyniah TeAwa, ???

Hohepa Tonga Rimoni, ?

Duawayne Pailegutu


It?s sickening writing this and typing the kids names out, thinking, someone in each of these young person?s lives KNEW they were the subject of violence and remained silent, they deserve condemnation, the communities that they live in deserve condemnation, which is why I come back to: When will the communities with the WORST stats, the ones who keep killing and abusing their kids take action, accept responsibility, and start to STOP the violence and killing instead of being offended when the obvious is pointed out. ??

Naida, you have an opportunity to get together with others, and make a stand to stop the violence and killing of kids in your community, or continue taking offence at anyone who tells it like it is. ???

To the Human Rights Commission ? Where were you when each of these children, and thousands more were being abused, what about their rights as human beings, small humans admittedly, but still humans, who is looking after their rights? ?Is it you, or will you continue to assist the outraged instead of calling for the free and open discussion of the problems based on the FACTS before us. Are you enablers, silencers of the facts, or will you call out the abuse, you can?t sit on all fences, it just perpetuates the issue.


– Dave


NB: ??I found this, I wonder how long before a complaint is made, the picture is of a Maori man holding a baby, under the heading ?Story: Child Abuse?.?Oh the outrage, why have a picture of a Maori man holding a baby with the title ?Child Abuse?, but then again, it?s from TeAra, the National Museum, or is it only an outrage when a blogger does it, because they have written about you ?before, and you don?t like them Naida? ???

http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/child-abuse ???