Corbyn has an insurrection on his hands, sacks Hilary Benn as others quit


Labour in?the?UK is tearing itself apart after the Brexit campaign with calls for Jeremy Corbyn to resign. One of those accused of plotting, Hilary Benn, has been sacked and other frontbenchers are jacking it in.

More than half of the Labour shadow cabinet is expected to stand down on Sunday in a major coup against Jeremy Corbyn, triggered by the result of the EU referendum and the leader?s decision to sack Hilary Benn.

Loyal members of shadow cabinet told the Guardian they were writing their resignation letters after Heidi Alexander, the shadow health secretary, stepped down on Sunday morning.

A Labour source said Alexander?s decision to resign in the wake of Benn?s dismissal would prove hugely significant, because unlike the shadow foreign secretary she was a more ?loyal and pragmatic? member of the Corbyn team.

?She is seen as a moderate, practical and pragmatic voice,? they said. ?Hilary always had a problem with Jeremy. Now that Heidi?s gone, most of the shadow cabinet will step down. He can?t just replace those positions because other frontbench ministers won?t step up to the roles.? ?

In her resignation letter to Corbyn, Alexander said: ?It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to you to resign from the shadow cabinet. The result of the referendum last week means that our country is facing unprecedented challenges.

?More than ever, our country needs an effective opposition which can hold the government to account and which is a capable of developing a credible and inspiring alternative to an increasingly rightwing and backward-looking Conservative party.

?As much as I respect you as a man of principle, I do not believe you have the capacity to shape the answers our country is demanding and I believe that if we are to form the next government, a change of leadership is essential.?

The Guardian understands Angela Eagle, Lucy Powell, Jonathan Ashworth, Lisa Nandy, Chris Bryant, Luciana Berger, Gloria De Piero, Charlie Falconer, Ian Murray, Rosie Winterton and Andy Burnham could be among those to resign from the Labour frontbench on Sunday.

A spokesman for Corbyn insisted he has no intention of resigning. ?Jeremy Corbyn is the democratically elected leader of the Labour party and will remain so,? the spokesman said.

The hubris of Corbyn is astonishing, especially when his behaviour is compared with the stance of David Cameron. He and his advisors are deluded into thinking that Jeremy Corbyn can do no wrong and is a popular leader who is winning against the Conservatives. They are literally believing their own press releases.

When more than half of your front bench decides to quit it is you who are the problem, not them.