Guest Post: Twenty-four hours of mourning is enough!

by Frances Denz

Twenty-four hours of mourning is enough! Britain has now to face the fact that they have been given an amazing chance to change their own world. They can take the chaos and turn it into opportunity. They have done a SWOT analysis involuntarily, and identified collectively what really matters to them. They now know what they want and what they don?t want, and they can move towards their ideal purposefully. Such an exciting opportunity is rarely offered to any country. Probably the last time was after the Second World War, when the British Labour Government was elected with a clear plan of action.

Now is the time for the old beards to stop saying, ?It worked before joining the EU, therefore it can work again.? No it didn?t ? it was dreadful. I was in Britain during two of the serious recessions, one of which was the ?winter of discontent?, and I can see no point in reliving that! Equally, the young are whinging, saying something that mattered to them was taken away. Well, find a way to keep it!

Everything is on the table. Europe will sulk for a while, and try to control the exit process out of spite.? But Britain has time to negotiate to keep what is important and get rid of what isn?t. ??

What is required is a charismatic leader who can visualise a different future based on the character and the skills of the British. They also have to be able to build a political team who can support their vision and? who can force the public service to deliver actions in the required order. Unfortunately, Boris Johnston may have the vision and the charisma but he doesn?t seem to have the team-building requirements to make things happen in order of priority.

The social make-up of Britain is different from ever before, which can be turned into a strength by recognising the advantages of diversity. But they have also expressed very clearly that they want time to reform their own society in their own image, not one that is imported. They have enough hard workers to see them through for a number of years. They are big enough to stand on their own two feet. After all, if we can, with our 4.5 million people, they certainly can.

That political phenomena, the wisdom of crowds, has given Britain the opportunity to change their world. They should select their next leader carefully, and then go for it as fast as they can because this is a once-in-a-century chance. I wish I could be part of that ? it would be so exhilarating.

8a0a27_b30faa27dbf54d3b84588ccf44fe5b4dFrances Denz is a?Maori Woman of Ngati Tuwharetoa and Tainui descent, and?has worked with many Maori organisations.

She is the author of ?Women at the Top?, which New Zealand?s first Prime Minster Jenny Shipley described as a ?gutsy, pertinent and timely book.?

In 2013 Frances was admitted as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the New Year?s Queen’s Honours. Later that year Frances was presented with an Excellence in Tertiary Teaching Award by the Prime Minister at a function at Parliament. Frances is Senior New Zealander of the Year.