Nash goes double full retard

Stuart Nash has gone double full retard, attacking a Regional Police Commander, this from the guy who wants to be Police minister.

He’s obviously never heard of the maxim for the General to back his troops.

Labour’s police spokesman Stuart Nash says he has lost confidence in Napier’s police chief, claiming there has been a “hollowing out of policing” under her watch.

In an opinion piece for Hawkes Bay Today, the Napier MP said he struggled to see how district commander Sandra Venables was keeping communities safe or executing proper strategies to ensure police had resources to fight crime and solve cases.

“I have to admit, this is a very big call, but I feel that the concerns of our diverse communities are not being taken seriously at all,” he said. ?

In response, Ms Venables said police structures evolved to meet community needs and police were focused more strongly on prevention activities.

She said greater emphasis and resources had been put into preventing and responding to serious and violent crime as well as child protection, young people and family violence, which remained the biggest risk areas for local communities.

This resulted in 15 new positions being created in the past year across these areas, over and above the district’s previous staffing allocation.

Mr Nash said changes in Napier policing, including the transition from a station which could house 81 staff and had cells to a satellite station which could hold 41, and the depletion of community policing capacity, was “not policing excellence at all”.

“This whole hollowing out of policing in Napier is a misguided strategy that isn’t serving the people of Napier, or the wider Bay, well at all.”

The balance between traditional and community policing in Napier had “dramatically changed”, he said, to the point where he thought neither was being done well – evidenced by the closing or downscaling of community stations, and “the slow winding down of constables on the beat”.

Whatever sources he may have had in Police just dried up completely. He’s attacked the boss, and the troops won’t be at all happy. You never attack the troops…ever.

Stuart Nash will never be taken seriously in his Police role now. He will find all manner of impediments put in his way now that they know he doesn’t have their back.

I had high hopes for Stuart Nash, but it seems that he has seen the grandstanding ways of Kelvin Davis and decided that full retard is now the preferred option.


– HB Today