NZDF committed for another 18 months. That?s a lot of ?training? then

Good, we need to stay on mission and continue training Iraqi troops so they can go put the bad wogs from Daesh in deep holes in the ground.

Kiwi troops will be extending their mission in Iraq by 18 months and will also be leaving their base for another on occasion, the Defence Minister has announced.

Prime Minister John Key, Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee and Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully made the announcement at the post-Cabinet news conference on Monday afternoon.

Among the changes, it was announced a small number of around six or eight at a time will travel “for short periods” to Besmaya — another secure training location 52km southeast of the existing joint New Zealand-Australia base.

“At Besmaya our troops will ensure a smooth handover of the Iraqi soldiers they’ve been training at Taji to other coalition trainers, who will be teaching them to use heavy weapons,” Mr Brownlee says. ?

Mr Brownlee says Cabinet has also agreed in principle New Zealand personnel will be authorised to provide training to stabilisation forces, such as the Iraqi Federal Police, as well as the country’s Army.

Kiwi troops will now be in Iraq until at least November 2018, though when the Government first committed troops in 2015 it pledged the country’s forces wouldn’t stay beyond two years.

“While I remain of the view that we should have a limited timeframe in such a role, during the course of this mission I’ve received advice and recommendations which have led me to reconsider that position,” Mr Key says.

“I acknowledge this is a change of position.”

Mr Key couldn’t guarantee there wouldn’t be another extension, but didn’t want them to be there “forever”.

The left-wing are unhinging, presumably because they think Daesh needs hugs and cuddles.

Of course Andrew Little has already flip flopped on?the?deployment, so will he flip flop again as he panders to his base of Islamic terrorist hugging left-wingers?

What is more concerning though is Patrick Gower’s insane positioning on all this and his discussion with Mike ‘flak jacket” McRoberts. Gower is showing all the signs of being a chipmunk on crack.

His agitating and declarations that this is a big flip flop from Key are just ridiculous.


– Newshub