Oh the irony – the people scared of Brexit border control are looking to leave

So, they wanted to stay in the EU but, now they won’t be, they are looking at bailing out altogether.

New Zealand could see an influx of immigration from the United Kingdom, if a huge rise in Britons Googling for information about moving to New Zealand is anything to go by.

A Google Trends report shows a large spike in people from the UK searching “moving to New Zealand” after the country voted to leave the European Union on Friday.

They were also looking for information on Canada and Australia.

The Immigration NZ website has also seen traffic rise following the Brexit vote, more than doubling since Friday. ?

Immigration New Zealand general manager Steve McGill told Fairfax the website was viewed by more than 5500 people from the UK compared to 2000 on a regular day.

Britons visiting the site weren’t just browsing. One immigration update system received 2169 registrations in three days, compared to the usual 3000 a month.

The vote has left the UK in an air of uncertainty; Ireland’s calling for Northern Ireland to be given the opportunity to choose to re-join. In Scotland, nearly 60 percent of people support independence, according to an opinion poll. And Spain is calling for co-sovereignty of the peninsular of Gibraltar.

Just what we need more – whinging poms. The union movement will probably be pleased though.

I do wonder if they will try to claim refugee status?


– Newshub