Stop your whining Barbara, it is unbecoming and not working


Barbara Dreaver is putting on a weapons grade whine louder than an air raid siren because she isn’t getting her way.

What is truly funny is watching the Media party begging John Key to help out poor Barbara when they normally just want to kick him in?the?balls.

Well Key’s entreaties failed…predictably…and Barbara isn’t happy.

Fiji?s Prime Minister also said that according to New Zealand media what happened in Fiji somehow lacked legitimacy.

That?s because it did lack legitimacy. The bottom line is it was a military dictatorship which ejected the democratically elected government with weapons, sacked the judges, abolished the constitution, put military personnel in top public service positions, censored the media and introduced laws forbidding groups of people meeting.

However, as Frank Bainimarama points out, things have moved on. He was democratically elected by the people, his Government is now legitimate. ?

Fiji has a right to ban whoever they want to ? but banning the three journalists who were/are Pacific correspondents is no accident and it is an attack on freedom of speech.

You would think that Frank Bainimarama is the only leader who has come under the spotlight ? that is simply not true.

I have not been afraid to challenge other Pacific leaders when it was needed. One example was allegations of corruption in former PM Laisena Qarase?s Government.

Being a military dictator you don?t have to deal with pesky journalists asking the hard questions. But I?m sorry, Voreqe ? being a democratically elected leader means you do.

Is John Key?s trip to Fiji worthwhile? You bet.

Fiji is a great country with many good people. Building relationships with our Pacific neighbour is important, and in times of crisis such as Cyclone Winston it was great to see New Zealand and Fiji pulling together.

But it doesn?t mean we shouldn?t continue to challenge, to question.

Otherwise nothing will change.

Barbara Dreaver thinks she has a right to visit Fiji. She doesn’t. She thinks she can hold another country’s leader to account because she is a journalist. She can thank her lucky stars it is?Fiji she is dealing with and not China, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia. If she carried on like she is now, using her employer’s resources for personal grandstanding and mounting a vendetta against the leaders of those countries then she would find herself in jail in those countries never to be seen from again.

She says she is from the region yet displays none of the characteristics of someone from the region. She is rude, abrasive and churlish and prone to dummy spitting and temper tantrums a four year old would be proud of.

She should just face facts, for whatever reason she is PNG in Fiji, and she won’t be travelling there any time soon no matter how hard she sucks up to John Key or abuses Frank Bainimarama.