Can Andrew Little win next year’s election? No, says Brian Edwards

Andrew Little 13

My good friend Brian Edwards has come out of retirement from blogging again.

This time he is giving his considered opinion of Andrew Little’s electability in the 2017 election.

See, I think this Andrew Little is a pretty good guy. Here?s what I said about him just after I?d come to?that conclusion:??Whether being good and looking good, whether being yourself and acting yourself are entirely compatible is not something I want to canvass here. But I do know that if you don?t ?come across? on television and radio?your chances of political success are greatly and quite possibly fatally reduced.?

Which brings us to Andrew Little. I thought his reply when questioned about why he had won the Labour leadership that ?it must have been my bubbly personality? was great. But the irony behind that answer was also a clear indication of his awareness that he doesn?t meet the ?performance?requirements???that commentators like myself regard as essential in the aspiring political leader. Indeed, in a previous post I wrote him off as ?a grim-faced, former union leader with little chance of ever becoming Prime Minister?.?When his supporters subsequently spoke of his having ?a dry wit?, I said I was more inclined to regard it as ?arid?. ?So his ?bubbly personality? response was encouraging.?

I?m no longer encouraged. After 18 months in the job, the Leader of the Opposition still looks dreadful on television and sounds dreadful on radio. His ?bubbly personality? ?joke has descended from irony to farce. In a recent interview ? I think it was on Q+A?? he said?y?know so many times that I eventually gave up counting. He talks to his interviewers but doesn?t engage with them on a personal plane. He looks and sounds like the caricature of?an old-style British trade unionist. His personal ratings reflect all of this. That, sadly, is a losing formula for any aspiring Prime Minister. Pity!

His personal ratings are dreadful, as each and every month of our INCITE: Politics polling by Curia shows. They are worse than Jeremy Corbyn’s and he’s toast in the UK.

Brian Edwards is right. Andrew Little just does not connect.


– Brian Edwards