More hypocrite-driven road-lice lies

Guest post

Have a read of this post by Bike Auckland, bragging about bike numbers being up in Auckland.

Then have a look at the Skypath patronage figures – the ones ratepayers will be underwriting:


(click here for a larger view) Link fixed now

If you ignore the ‘visitor trips’ as they are going to be mostly walking, the average monthly trip numbers for commuters and recreational use – expected to be mostly cyclists – is just shy of 56,000 trips per month in year one. Based on the numbers using existing cycle routes (as above), this seems very pie in the sky.

The busiest cycle route in Auckland – according to Bike Auckland – is Tamaki Drive, which peaks at 40,000 for the three summer months and looks like it will average low 30,000s for the year. If the busiest route is less than half the Skypath expectation and Tamaki Drive is free to ride (Skypath is user pays), I’d say this is very strong evidence that ratepayers will be forking out millions in underwriting costs. Remember, the underwrite agreement is that the Auckland Council make up any shortfall in revenue based on the projected patronage figures!

Surely there are other things for Len Brown to waste our rates on: more trains to the casino, rugby stadiums we could only fill once every 12 years, or maybe he could just mow the grass the council owns outside my house.