The Recipe for Islamic Terror in France

Media and politicians seem unable to understand the recipe for Islamic terror in France even though there is a repeated pattern of behaviour. The pattern involves young Muslims spending years engaging in un-Islamic behaviour before completing terrorist attacks.

They go drinking, clubbing, do drugs and indulge in other non-Muslim like behaviour before turning to Islam and engaging in violent Jihad.

France’s Recipe for endless Jihad:

  1. They are Muslims in terms of what they believe but they are not Muslims in terms of their actions. In France they have the freedom to indulge in non-Islamic behaviour that they wouldn’t be able to indulge in if they were back in an Islamic country. Plenty of Christians can relate to this idea of believing one thing but in reality doing another. Muslims are not the only people who don’t always live their lives according to the rules/standards that they were brought up with.
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2. They are told all their lives that Muhammad was the perfect man and that his actions are to be emulated.?They are told that the Koran has been perfectly preserved. Many of the things inside the Koran are totally contradictory and by Western and civilised standards morally wrong but no one challenges them. In fact the opposite occurs. Politicians and the media go out of their way to block any criticism of Muhammad and the teachings inside the Koran and the Hadith. People who dare to tell Muslims the truth are called racists, bigots, hatemongers and Islamophobes. This makes it very easy for a young Muslim to dismiss any criticism of Islam.

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3. ?Some of the young Muslims decide to become more consistent. Their internal conflict has become a problem.They may have matured or been confronted by more devout Muslims to change their ways. This also happens with Christians. He strives to be a “good” Muslim so that he ?can be accepted by Allah just as a Christian might strive to win favour with God.

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4. ?As a Muslim you can never be sure what your standing is with Allah so you have no assurance of salvation. There are some guidelines but no guarantees. ?Here is where things get scary. Even the best Muslims do not know what Allah is going to do with them on judgement day. Christians in contrast can simply repent of their sins to be forgiven. Even Muhammed himself didn’t know what Allah was going to do with him, ( see the two verses below. ) If the “perfect man” was not assured of paradise how could a Muslim who has been a bad Muslim in the past possibly feel safe and assured of getting into paradise??The answer is that he can’t.

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5. ?There is one way that you can be safe and know that you will be accepted by Allah. ?You already know what it is, don’t you? ?If you know it, how difficult do you think it is for the conflicted ?Muslim to know it? If he doesn’t know it, trust me, the online recruiter will tell him. This time an absolute guarantee is offered to get the Muslim into Paradise.

*Mujahid ( Jihardi )

If you get killed while waging Jihad, Allah guarantees that you will get into paradise. ?So even if you’ve spent years violating basic Islamic teachings, Allah has ?made you an offer; die while killing unbelievers and your salvation is assured.

Many will ?choose to gamble that changing their ways and living the life of good Muslims will be enough to get them into paradise.?Only a small percentage of reformed but scared Muslims will accept Allah’s offer. They are the Muslims who ?are committing terrorist acts inside France. ?When these young Jihadis go on a killing spree people read about ?their shady pasts and say. ” ?This attack can’t have anything to do with Islam ?because this was a bad Muslim.” ?Being a bad Muslim is what compelled him to accept Allah’s offer ?of salvation in exchange for martyrdom. ?Islam was the driving force behind the attack.

What are French leaders doing to change anything about this recipe? The answer is absolutely nothing and that’s why the attacks in Paris and Nice are only the beginning.

**Above Post based on dialogue from the below video by David Wood.