False equivalency used to defend oppressive swimwear


Juxtaposed photos go viral after police seen ordering woman to remove burqini on French beach WITW STAFF08.24.16 (Twitter)

False equivalency is once again being used by idiots on Twitter who must all be sharing their one remaining brain cell. ?When we look at these two photos what do we see?

  1. A ?man in authority enforcing the law.
  2. A woman ?in a bathing suit having the law enforced on her.

In these two ways, both photos are equivalent but it is the law that is being enforced that is the key difference here and one that the idiots on Twitter are deliberately failing to recognise.

1. The law being enforced in photo one ?is a moralistic law from the past that prevented women ?from showing as much of their body at the beach as they wanted to. ?It is a law that is no longer enforced due to ?women now having equality and no longer being forced to follow moralistic rules. The motivation of the law, in this case, was to restrict women’s rights.

2. The law being enforced in photo two ?is a law to protect women from being forced to follow moralistic cultural and religious rules. It is a modern law that’s purpose is to protect women’s equality from the demands of a backward, moralistic and cultural religion. It is a law designed to protect all women from a backward slide to the days of inequality.The motivation of the law is to protect women’s rights.

If our laws allow the backward culture and religion of Islam to impose oppressive dress codes on Muslim women then our laws do not support equality. The French are attempting to support all French women’s right to enjoy a day at the beach. By enforcing this law they are making a clear statement that French Muslim women must enjoy the same rights and equality as non-Muslim French women if they live in France. Without this law, Muslim women will continue to be forced by their culture and religion to comply with oppressive dress codes. The French law stands up for them by making it clear that the French government will not allow them to be oppressed and forced.

The way idiots have reacted on twitter you would think the French were forcing the women to wear skimpy bikinis when all they are doing is making it clear that extreme swimwear is not acceptable.



How stupid does Abdul-Azim think we are? Muslim men are forcing these women to wear extreme swimwear with the weight of Sharia law behind them. The French officers by enforcing these women’s right to not be forced to wear extreme swimwear are the complete opposite.

Islam and its followers are very adept at using out notions of freedom and equality against us. They twist things so cleverly that idiots actually believe that black is white. They look at that photo and believe?that protection of equality is oppression. If that woman was wearing collar and leash that was held by a Muslim cleric and those same police officers demanded that it was removed, would Abdul-Azim make the same argument?

www.inquisitr.com670 ? 409Search by image Man Walks Woman On Dog Leash: Shocking Images of Leashed Woman With Man Inside Mall Go Viral

Man Walks Woman On Dog Leash: Shocking Images of Leashed Woman With Man Inside Mall Go Viral

If I told you that man in authority in the above photo insisted that the man holding the woman’s leash unchained her, would you consider his demand to be oppression or force? Would his demand be an action supporting women’s equality or one taking it away? Do you want to live in a society that turns a blind eye to women being treated like a dog? If you don’t why would you want the law to turn a blind eye to women being forced to wear extreme clothing of any kind?

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.16.56 PM

Nope, Matthew Ruddle, they are stopping backward and oppressive cultures from forcing their women to wear extreme items of clothing.They are drawing a line in the sand. Not here, not now, not ever.

If you would like to read an ex-Muslim’s contrary view of the situation click here.

It’s a real doozy and well worth reading. She does not agree with the French Law because she says it will make already oppressed Muslim women’s lives worse. Her argument hinges on Islam being so oppressive and restrictive that by insisting French Muslim women enjoy the same rights as other French women the french are creating a situation where oppressive and restrictive Muslim families will restrict these women’s lives even further.

If what she says is true then it only reinforces how incompatible Islam is with the West. If we allow Islam to oppress women in our countries our own women will end up being oppressed.We must have one law for all. Without it, the only change will be to our culture, rights and democracy and the only law being enforced will be the Shariah.