BREAKING: Williams v Craig – The Verdict [CLOSED]


The Jury are coming back into the court room. ?The registrar has informed media that they have reached a verdict.

14:43 Jordan Williams is in court. ?The court is waiting for Colin Craig to arrive.

14:46 Colin Craig has arrived. ?The?registrar has left the court to ask the judge to come to the courtroom.

14:50 ?FIRST CAUSE: ?JW unanimous win. ?400k. ?90k punitive

14:52 ?SECOND CAUSE: ?JW unanimous win. ?650k. ?130k punitive

14:53 ?Mr Jordan Williams wins the case. ?Total awarded: ?$1.27 million

14:58 ?Mr Mills acting on behalf of Mr Craig has told the court there will be an appeal

15:07?live post closed. ?Any further updates will be in the comments.