Is anyone else done with Dunne?

I’m over Peter Dunne, the man is a grandstanding bouffant tosspot.

Now he is whining about snooping on MPs when there was none.

An MP who had fallen victim to Parliamentary Service’s snooping before was “shocked” by revelations it was?up to its old tricks.

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne had his email conversations with then-Fairfax journalist Andrea Vance wrongly handed over to a ministerial inquiry by Parliamentary Service in 2013.

The then-head of Parliamentary Service, Geoff Thorn, resigned amid the fallout.

Dunne had already quit as a minister prior to the ministerial inquiry after refusing to hand over his emails for an investigation into the leaking of a Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) report.

Dunne said he was “shocked” and “outraged” to hear Parliamentary Service was defending its computer security that is screening and blocking MPs emails if they contain words like “sensitive” or “classified”.

The Privileges Committee made “very clear statements about the privacy of MPs communications” at the time of the ministerial inquiry into why Dunne’s emails were handed over, he said.

“They appear to have fallen on deaf ears as far as the Parliamentary Service is concerned.”

Peter Dunne wasn’t a victim, he fell for the glad eye of Andrea Vance. He let his little head do his thinking.?

“I assumed in my own naivety perhaps that as a result of the 2013 investigations that things would have changed…the fact they’ve carried on unchanged horrifies me quite frankly.”

Dunne said the public had every right to assume their communications with MPs were “treated in confidence”.

“They don’t expect it to be subject to external scrutiny.”

He said the whole issue “struck at the core of public trust between constituents and their elected representatives”.

“They won’t provide information personal to them…if they think that confidence is going to be breached by some external agency.”

“As a result of my own experiences in 2013 I’ve taken care to make sure that any sensitive material doesn’t come my way via the parliamentary email system because I simply don’t trust it,” Dunne said.

Shocked and outraged he may well be but those terms are so passe these days.

These sanctimonious pricks thought nothing of my emails being obtained by a criminal, now they are whining like little bitches about a piece of software designed to protect the emails services at parliament.

David Parker especially made a great deal of fuss over my emails. He should STFU too.


– Fairfax