Is it time to #changetheopposition?


One News has released their latest Colmar Brunton poll. After months of fabricated crisis after crisis this is the result…

It’s a shocker for Labour and Andrew Little is calling the poll “bogus”.

There are fresh worries for Labour following the latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll.

The party has slipped three points to 26 per cent. That’s the lowest it’s been in the ONE News poll since the last election when it recorded 25 per cent.

National, however, remains in fine form riding high, steady this month at 48 per cent, the same result it picked up on election night in 2014. ??

The Greens are trucking along solidly up one per cent to 13, although the big mover is New Zealand First which is up to two points in our poll to 11 per cent. The Maori Party has also had a small gain up one, to two per cent.

On these numbers National would be able to form a government using its existing support partners, assuming that is Peter Dunne and Act’s David Seymour win their seats.

Labour and the Greens, even with New Zealand First on board, would fall short.

David Shearer was rolled when Labour was polling at 35%…Andrew Little is nearly ten points below that. Clearly, he is deluded.

Labour has been quick to attack the poll, leader Andrew Little saying the poll is “bogus” and he doesn’t accept it. He says he has seen other polls that tell a completely different story.

I bet they were worse unless he had Colin Craig’s polling company. Show us the polls you’ve seen Andrew…go on show us.

Labour is in dreadful trouble. The Green-Red partnership is scaring off the punters, Andrew Little is deeply unliked, and Labour are dog tucker.

If I was John Key I would make some more people homeless given this poll.