Labour confirms they are the Bludgers party

Carmel Sepuloni has confirmed why it is that Labour fails to fire.

She has issued a missive deriding Work and Income for penalising bludgers who don’t name the fathers of their income streams.

It?s time to repeal a law that sanctions sole parent families for not identifying the name of the other parent, Labour?s Social Development Spokesperson Carmel Sepuloni says.

“Every week, 17,000 children are missing out because their sole parent is being sanctioned by WINZ for not identifying the child?s other parent. The average loss is between $22 and $28 a week – a huge amount for families struggling to get by. This is impacting nearly 20% of sole parent families reliant on benefits.

“The intent of this legislation was to encourage fathers to pay their child support, but the administration of it has been patchy and unfair – 97.7% of people sanctioned are women, and 52.8% Maori. The law isn?t working as intended, and its hurting families and children. ?

“The way this law is being implemented is making things even worse. All that is required is for a parent to write a personal statement about why they haven?t identified the other parent. Yet people who come in to Work and Income are instead being told they need to go to a lawyer, which is unaffordable for most.

“This is especially concerning when women feel pressured to release the identity of the father when there may be fear of violence, or if the child is a product of incest or rape.

“Today, I have lodged an SOP to amend sections of the Social Security Legislation Rewrite Bill to ensure sole parents and their children are treated fairly.

“It?s time to stop discriminating against sole parents, and to make sure young children are not missing out because of bad legislation,” says Carmel Sepuloni.

Actually, it is time to act about the bludgers who seem to think they can protect the identity of their sperm donors who are also likely to be bludgers.

Most hard working Kiwis don’t think their taxes should go to propping the families and paying for the children of bludging ratbags.

Name the dead beat dads…problem solved.

We could even set up a website naming and shaming dead beat parents.

Meawhile, Labour should change their name to the Bludgers party.


– Labour party