Our Police are awesome. Not that the Labour party want you to think that

Allegations of misconduct against 135 police officers have been upheld this year – and although 20 have left the force, none have been sacked.


Official figures released earlier this month show almost 1700 complaints were made against officers and police employees, relating to 1312 incidents, from January through until June.

Violence, sexual misconduct and disgraceful behaviour were among those, with service failure and unprofessional behaviour the most common.

Of the 1004 investigations carried out, 143 were upheld, at least in part. […]

Labour MP Stuart Nash said he was slightly concerned that none of the officers were dismissed as result.

The Labour Party of unions and the worker are always so keen to fire people.

“I have no doubt that once an allegation’s upheld it goes on the police officer’s record, and I would expect, and no doubt the police themselves would expect, the officer to behave in an exemplary manner going forward.”

Mr Nash said he would be disappointed if officers at fault were not being appropriately punished.

Police must so look forward to Nash as police minister.

According to separate figures, as of 30 June 2015, there were a total of 11,980 police staff in New Zealand – 9,048 constabulary staff and 2,932 non-sworn staff.

A fair number of complaints will be from feral parents upset that their petal scrotes have been handled too roughly. ? Some of them will simply be frivolous. And some will be absolutely fair.

Twenty?cops that gave the Police a bad reputation have run away before they could be embarrassed. ?And the rest weren’t bad enough for for people to lose their jobs.

Those are awesome stats.