Two-minute Len’s tearful valedictory speech

Mr Brown was the first Super City mayor, elected as head of the amalgamated council in 2010.

In his valedictory speech, Mr Brown described the City Rail Link project, which was now under construction, as a metaphor for the changing spirit of Auckland since the 2010 amalgamation of eight councils.

He told councillors he felt bullish about the future of the city.

He had no regrets about the political decisions the Council has made over the past six years, he said.

But holding back tears near the end of his speech, he indirectly referred to some of the events which have made his mayoralty most notable – his heart attack, and the sex scandal which blew up at the start of his second term.

“My last comments are for my family. We’ve survived a lot, and we’ve survived a near-death experience, and we’ve survived a near-political-death experience.

He never survived a near political death event. ?He had a long slow lingering death and yesterday?he finally expired. ?Anyone with any degree of self respect would have bowed out instead of hanging on like the lame duck mayor he was.

len brown

Sadly, Auckland is allowing Len 2.0 to sleep-walk into the job.