“I am very very surprised and disappointed” – Colin Craig (Williams v Craig media round up)

Cam Slater gives a rare interview to the media. ?NZ Herald bummed this off the side of One News and stuck it on Facebook, so we bummed of Facebook to put it here. ?#newmedia

(Not 6 million households, but 1.6 million households)

John Stringer sent out this press released after the verdict: ?

“I welcome the jury’s verdict in the Williams v Craig trial which I have attended much of the time including in the dock”

“This is an important check on Colin Craig who cannot deny the decision of an eleven person jury in a high court”
“Mr Craig has spread misery and stress over dozens of families and it is time for his flippant hobby to sue all-and-sundry for perceived slights against his ego to stop”
“As Craig has said himself ??The truth is better for me than a lie.?? Colin Craig 23 June 2015.[1]?Mr Craig has put much store in the court process as the absolute arbiter of who was telling lies; whose reputations would be vindicated.?The court has now decided. Craig needs to accept this.
“As Mr Craig has said (26 April 2016) “I have confidence a court would rule in my favour on the substantive points just as you are confident they will not. My primary motivation in taking legal action is to establish what claims are true and what claims are false so the public can be fully informed. It will take however long it takes and cost whatever it will cost.”
“Mr Craig went very public in a bizarre press conference on 29 June 2015 that he would sue Jordan Williams for $300,000; myself for $600,000 elevated as of September 2016 to more than $2 million
“As my case is the same as Mr Williams and about exactly the same publication by the Craigs I welcome an offer from them to settle,??commensurate with their litigation amounts against me”
~ John Stringer;?Christchurch ?027 3296767 ?03 3524006

Martyn bradbury, who appeared for the defence on behalf of Colin Craig writes

The decision is in and it?s a win for Dirty Politics?

?this was an important case because it was the first time any of the Dirty Politics characters were actually up for their past.

The Jury amazingly didn?t see it that way.

Cameron Slater and Jordan Williams win again.

The next test will come next year when Colin Craig?s cases against Slater and Stringer play out.

The real question will be if Mr Craig will rely on Martyn’s help for future cases.

We close with two?One News, or should I say TVNZ 1, clips: