Media’s investment in Pink and his Tribal Huks backfires


Jamie Pink, who has been leading the war on P dealers in Ngaruawahia, has been arrested.

Police had already taken Pink’s car earlier in the week, after he claimed he’d lost an eyeball in his fight to rid the town of methamphetamine.

“Following the forensic examination of a vehicle in relation to recent activities in Ngaruawahia, a 45-year-old man has been arrested on charges of unlawful possession of firearms,” a police spokesperson said, quoted by NZME.

Police would not confirm the reports that the man arrested is in fact the gang leader.

He will appear in the Hamilton District Court next week.

The reports come just a few hours after footage emerged of gang members in a street of Ngaruawahia yelling at meth dealers to leave town.

An apparent gang member walks up and down the street shouting. Photo: Facebook
The video, posted to Facebook page Paint Fade on Thursday, shows a man with a patched eye in a gang jacket yelling from the centre of a road in the Waikato town as other apparent gang members respond with support.

At one point he appears to be addressing one person in particular.

Residents of Ngaruawahia believe crime was on the rise in the town due to P. Photo: SNPA
Fairfax media reported the man was Tribal Huks leader Jamie Pink and that the footage was filmed on Thursday afternoon.

Two weeks ago Pink issued at ultimatum at a community meeting in Ngaruawahia, giving P dealers 24-hours to leave the town.

“You fullas tell [name], f*** off out of Ngaruawahia,” the man in the road shouts.

Leader Pink’s car was later shot up with the leader telling Fairfax media that he lost an eye, but that drug dealers had been driven from the town.

Duncan Garner, the NZ Herald and several others bought heavily into this vigilante charade, pushing the idea that this was a good development for Ngaruawahia. ?I, on the other hand, called for the police to sort it out.

In the mean time, Pink has lost an eye, or so he says. There are apparently no records at any hospital of someone needing medical attention for a missing eye. ?And “someone” has been arrested on firearm charges that happens to be the same age as Pink.

On Monday Tribal Huk gang president Jamie Pink left his shot-up vehicle in the Waikato Times car park.

He had pledged to run all of the methamphetamine dealers out of Ngaruawahia, and said his car was shot up as a result, and he may lose his eye because of injuries to it.

Police collected the car from the carpark.

On Friday a police spokeswoman said the man was arrested following the forensic examination of a vehicle.

He will appear in Hamilton District Court on November 2. Police will not comment further as the matter is before the courts.

No complaint has been laid with police in relation to the alleged shooting of the vehicle.

Media are speculating it is Pink who has been arrested but police won’t comment.

Oh yes. Let’s all get behind that nice man Mr Pink. ?Who needs police, eh?


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