600 Ministers and Christian leaders turn their back on Conservative Party

The true damage to the Conservative Party of having bet on Colin Craig’s version of events is starting to become clear:

There is a large group of New Zealanders many of whom have a strong christian commitment that are both ashamed and appalled at recent events concerning Colin Craig and the Conservative Party.

On Thursday 15th September Colin Craig said the following statement himself in court. “Our relationship became close and affectionate ? I considered Rachel to be like a sister to me ? I accept my affection went too far ? my behaviour was inappropriate, I regret that”.

We accept that people do dumb things and lose their way. That is a sad reality of life. Clearly that is the case with Colin Craig by his own admission in court. What makes this situation all the more embarrassing is that Colin professes to be a christian. Unfortunately christians do dumb things as well but the time has now come for us to distance ourselves?from Colin Craig’s behaviour both while he was the leader of the Conservative Party which he founded and since litigation proceedings began a few months ago.

From what I am hearing and reading these last few weeks, there would be very few christians in New Zealand and indeed people generally who are of a conservative political persuasion who would support the Conservative Party as it is today. It is now well and truly tainted. Many of these same people would still hold to conservative values and principles but simply can’t support this current regime. I have pleaded with Leighton Baker, Chair of the CP Board to ‘shut up shop’. It appears it has fallen on deaf ears as at today.

The above was written by?Alan Vink, the Executive Director of Willow Creek Association New Zealand (WillowNZ) and a former Baptist Pastor. WillowNZ is a non-denominational christian organisation that has some 600 Ministers and Christian leaders in its network in New Zealand and over 4000 people on its database.

This sort of thing does put pressure on people and organisations previously seen to be associated with the Conservative party to make a public stand.

People like?Bob McCoskrie should consider abandoning ship. ?It was bad enough he mislead the jury on the stand and had to be recalled, but he really should distance Family First from Colin Craig. ?He did after all appear in court to defend Colin’s behaviour.

With another five similar cases in the pipeline, excluding any appeals, the next 18 months to 2 years will rip the Colin Craig scab open time and time again. ?Any person and organisation that does not clearly take a position is taking a risk.