“A democratic society does not have thugs enforcing the law “

Canterbury University professor of criminology Greg?Newbold has some common sense things to say about the recent actions of the Ngaruawahia gang Tribal?Huks.

Canterbury University professor of criminology Greg?Newbold?said good on the gang members for making sandwiches and?good on any gang member who goes to work in the community.

…But, threatening to bash drug dealers was simply vigilantism,?Newbold?said

“It’s just?thuggish.

“The police need to come?down on it

“They’ve [the Huk] just jumped on a fad. They won’t be doing it in 12 months’ time. It will be short-lived.

…”They are setting themselves up as policemen. They have no right to enforce the laws.”

Newbold?said the reaction from some members of the?public to the gang’s meth-ultimatum was shallow.

“The general public don’t think too deeply about these things. The error of the principle is clear. A democratic?society?does not have thugs enforcing the law. That’s?all there is to it.

“We have police who are there to enforce the law. We have a court process,?we don’t have thugs walking into people’s?houses and bashing people up. Nobody minds if they want to feed the poor but if they start bashing people up and meting out street justice as?they?see fit then you’ve got a problem.

“Good on them [for making sandwiches]. It doesn’t give you the right to?break the law.”


Let’s face it we could get rid of drug dealers and drugs overnight if we were willing to use immoral and unlawful methods. While it is tempting to think that the ends justify the means do we want to become what we are fighting against? The very reason why the Tribal Huks were able to get rid of dangerous and violent P-dealing criminal gang members is because they are dangerous, violent and criminal gang members themselves. When you think about it if Tribal Huks are violent and scary enough to drive rival P-dealing Gang members out, then logically they are more powerful than them and even more dangerous.

Greg Newbold hit the nail on the head when he said that the general public are shallow. They can’t see past the positive result. I wonder how the public would feel if I destroyed the meth trade New Zealand wide? I can do it easily and it would dry up demand over night. I could use the same method for every other drug too and I can guarantee success. You may wonder why the Police haven’t used my brilliant method? It is quite simple really. My plan has a rather morally questionable aspect to it but if you put that aside it will destroy the drug trade New Zealand wide.

My plan is simple. We start lacing?random bags of Meth with poison so that users are killed instantly. It won’t take long for the news to travel. This is step one. Soon gangs will declare that their particular brand of Meth is safe to purchase and sales will continue. Step two is to infiltrate a single gang and lace some of their product. After a death or two, no one will buy from them?again. Step three is to work our way through all the suppliers of Meth until not one gang can guarantee a nonlethal product so they will stop supplying meth and will turn to another drug instead to which we can apply the same steps.

If that plan lacks appeal because it kills addicts then I have another one for you. We burst into Gang HQ and slaughter, everyone. We leave a note stapled to the face of the Gang leader that says “No more Gangs.” We then work our way through all of the gangs in New Zealand till all gang members are either dead or have disbanded.

My ideas may have appeal to certain people?on the political left. The same people who believe that the ends justified the means. These people were prepared to break the law by hiring a hacker to hack Whaleoil because they believed that it was crucial to silence Cameron Slater and to cost the National Party the election. They didn’t care how it was done, just that it was done. What they learned ( and this is a lesson for those who support Tribal Huks ) is that crime never pays. Not even when it is committed for a ‘ higher purpose. ‘ National is still in power and Whaleoil has not closed down. Ngaruawahia may have successfully removed some dangerous criminal gang members but it is now controlled by dangerous criminal gang members.