A stitch in time, saves nine

Guest post

Having achieved ascension to the highest high chair in the Labour Party via the backdoor route of List MP – after two very public and unsuccessful attempts to get a mandate to represent the people in his home town ? he now finds himself in a very difficult situation. Somewhat akin to the joke of the turtle on top of the fence post? or the one where little Johnny says to his Mum ? ?But I don?t want to go to school ? the kids hate me and tease me and the teachers are even worse? but his mum says ?But you have to go to school ? you?re the headmaster?

Just like how Cunliffe was, he struts around trying to be important, feeding his ego and ?leadership? ambitions with tame sound-bites to the friendly TV, but in reality he knows it?s a forlorn effort attempting to gain a seat inside the tent of Government ? but his ego won?t allow the doubts to show too much on the TV.

?but here?s his issue and perhaps why he comes out with really wonky and flaky ideas voiced in public?

He?s achieved his goal of Party leadership ? against the wishes of the constituency he asked twice if he could represent, the vast majority of the Labour caucus and anyone else not hard Left with their political ideology. But having achieved such a lofty accomplishment, he now realises it was not only a hospital pass but a pyrrhic effort for his CV and longer-term political ambitions.

Maybe it was because the NZLP was having it?s Centenary year and dreams of celebrations like NZ had with the All Blacks doing victory parades up Queen Street was what sustained his ambition to be ?leader?. Perhaps dreams of being carried high by eager sycophants calling him Saviour Santa and Dear Leader? Regardless though, reality is often far less colourful than imagined, red-tinted dreams.

Having now got the post of leadership, realising it?s not the Autobahn super highway for his political career, but rather, more like a dead-end cul-de-sac ? So what to do to try and save some political face and currency, whilst trying to lessen the public humiliation of delivering a record 4th Term National landslide?

A stitch in time, saves nine is the angle I think he?s coming from. Hence the half-baked flaky sound bites us public often here from him and the party he leads.

Having achieved the leadership role ? for what it?s worth ? he now doesn?t want to be at the helm of the SS Titanic/Labour with the fast approaching election ice berg on the horizon ? so what to do? No one wants to challenge him for responsibility to take over the political equivalency of a lemon. He?s firmly entrenched in the role thanks to his union cohorts, but despite public comments, he probably really doesn?t want the pyrrhic role right now either, so how to solve the conundrum?

Answer ? since no one else wants the hospital pass, he has to do and say things so blatantly awkward and silly, the Labour Party have no option but to replace him for any chance of election victory next year. Forlorn hope is always slightly better than no hope will be the mantra muttered at Fraser House by a caucus resigned to yet another Term in the political wilderness?

So with Comrade Auntie getting thoroughly rinsed at the UN, she?ll be looking for a new gig and with her beloved Labour Party being in such a disarray, in it?s Centenary year too of all things, don?t be surprised if Mr. Little appears even angrier, saying ever-increasingly silly things? trying to re-set his counter with every public speaking opportunity. A stitch in time?

It?s his only get-out-of-political purgatory card being played, in the hope he can be resurrected at a more opportune time, sometime long after the polls have finally bottomed out and started bouncing back from sub-basement levels.


– BlokeInTakapuna