Abortion battle at Thames hospital heats up

via: lifenews

via: lifenews

For several years, the anti-abortion group has set up outside Thames Hospital on Friday mornings – the day when the hospital performs abortions.

But in August this year, they were joined by a counter protest by Stop Abortion Harassment Thames.

Abortion Rights Aotearoa national president Terry Bellamak was at a meeting where it was decided to protest against Voice for Life.

She went to the first protest on the same corner as the anti-abortion group in early August.

The actual aim is to be an anti-harassment group. ?

Ms Bellamak said local people were not supporting the pro-life protesters.

“The women who are out there, they’re just trying to go about their day, they’re just trying to access health care, they’re just trying to get through the day.

“Experiencing these clinic protesters, it’s really confronting – they experience it basically as street harassment.”

Ms Bellamak said while people did have the right to protest, patients also had the right to be left alone.

She accepted that freedom of expression was an absolute right, however she said the right to protest was contingent on other rights, such as “the right to be let alone”.

Running a picket line and a guilt trip on people that are at their most vulnerable isn’t very classy. ?There are more constructive ways to make a point.