ADVISORY: Reading this may implode your brain (Nuclear strength rant inside)

I ignore most things out there. ?But this one is worth a Pulitzer all by itself. ?Apparently I am Rawshark. ?Or one of them. ?You couldn’t make this up. ?You don’t have to. ?

6 October 2016 at 10:30 am
How many wake up calls does the New Zealand public need?

Dirty politics.

Extensive slavery and fish dumping ? environmental destruction ? and screeds of evidence that the goverment has known about it for years and covered it up. And now customs covering up more abuses of the poorest, most exploited people in the world!

The Lying away the outrageous increase in child poverty and homelessness.

New Zealand?s key role, as yet unreported, in Panama. Of course, what many people don?t know is that that company has strong connection to Mi6 and the CIA: for it was the NZ goverment who initiated that financial arrangement, during the Iran crisis, given how much dirty operational money needed to be obscured? that?s right, folks? just as all the Iranian intel passed through the New Zealand embassy in Manila during that time, it was New Zealanders, and Mi6 employees stationed in NZ who facilitated the cashflow! Wonder why NZ has some strange surveillance concern with Iran? It?s historical.

Conspiracy theory no doubt?. As likely as members of the Hearst dynasty tied up with the Weather Underground moving to Christchurch and changed their surname to Tree.

What?s the point of the media, and you so-called leftists in the face of what you really face?. You can?t even see the tip of the iceberg! Sorry, just a little disappointed. Please, travel some more. Go live in a pagoda for a month in an empoverished province of a Western fucked nation.

Those who can, do what they can. We will live and die unknown and you will never know any better. Well, better to try than to do nothing at all. But you know who this is, don?t you SIS and friends. Thanks for the visit last year by the way. I didn?t say anything and showed her a good time. Trust she enjoyed herself.

In the next few months more revelations will come out ? if there are people ready to listen. But to what end? To what effect? So depressing. Banging the old head against the wall?

It took you (opposition, media) two bloody years to twig to the extent of migrant labour abuses despite individuals from fairfax and other media organizations having the truth rubbed in your noses, repeatedly, by friends of ours. But there?s been some good work, especially by one particular journo now working for radio NZ. You know who I mean. Shoutout, sister! Still, you ? the media ? haven?t reported on the fact that anti-slavery activists have been harassed into the dirt by the intelligence services.

Yes, correct: go talk to all those who have housed, fed, and advocated for abused migrant workers. The filmmakers who tried to bring the issue to attention also. Followed, harassed, and intimidated by our own security services as well as by private contractors. No doubt they were affecting New Zealand?s economic well being?

Talk to the director of Slaves of the Ocean about it. Talk to the activists who protected the fishermen who fled the Oyang. It?s an incredible story of human rights defenders ? patriots of the highest order ? being harrasssed and crushed by the state and by private contractors working closely together. They were even spying the hell out of the Anglican Church, for God?s sake. Facist, anti ? human rights surveillance. Yes, in New Zealand.

Oh, to change the subject just slightly (cough ? prettty obvious guys), be quite skeptical about who exactly was behind the leak of Slater?s emails. Curious, isn?t it, who was mentioned in those dumps (not always by the same people by the way).

The fact is that Cameron Slater realized that he had been breached multiple times, and he sought to mitigate that. Think about it? that doesn?t apply to all releases?.

The fact is that ?Rawshark? is not one person at all, but a number, including Cameron Slater himself. Confusing I know. Well, that was Cameron?s original plan but the idiot had a keystroke recorder on his machine and that made making plans, well, a bit of a game for his detractors, haha. I wonder how long Cameron would go to jail if it came out that he did or was at least planning that before it went awry. Heh.

Ask yourself how many leaks of this magnitude have not resulted in an arrest. Yes. Ponder that. In the history of large scale hacks, how often is it that the purpetrator (lol) has not been caught?

The true situation is much, much more complex that people realize. The mix is extraordinary.

Reasons for why the PM didn?t want to pursue ?Rawshark??

One: Slater and Co initially created the idea of a super hacker to cover his arse but hilariously real super hackers were monitoring him in real time.

Another breather who unfortunately left a trail of sorts is an activist authorities don?t dare arrest because the dirt he has is even worse, much, much worse and damaging. GCSB and industry related.

Another is a woman with such just cause very few in the NZ public, no matter how mean they may have become, would abide her persecution I bet ? and they bet too clearly.

Oh and there?s others? It?s an open joke among hackers how open the systems of Slater, that slithery insect, were. He should be grateful to the hackers he so loathes. They have standards or morals to such a degree that they have agreed to draw a line (for example, Cam, concerning your porn browsing history). Because they believe people deserve to have a private life however ?deviant? their sexual proclivities, and the right to some semblance of dignity, even if they don?t deserve it. That?s right, Cam: some of them have had that used against them by the security services you praise so much. I?m afraid they operate to a much higher ethical standard.

Will anyone ever get to the bottom of it? Well the truth is they mostly have and for the above and other reasons it won?t come out. The PM won?t be naming anyone, not when he knows certain anonymous people have records of him discussing the bailout of MediaWorks with Joyce is some pretty sweary, morally dubious terms; Records of Bennett as well as English liasing with Indonesian human traffickers; Collins making illegal deals with the Chinese; Simon Bridges arranging for future backhanders with Oil and gas companies?

If this comment gets through, know, players listed above, that we know all your weaknesses. We have documents for East Germany and dirt for Africa. But you know that don?t you? You rely on the fact that the public doesn?t care: that it doesn?t care about the minutiae of your business, of the shady deals you do, for example, to not underground power wires in Auckland even though it?s ultimately cheaper because of a dodgy background deal with one of your blue chip monopolies?. could run to 500 pages but due to go clubbing just shortly?

We are here, we are not going away, and any move (or more moves) you make against us will result in devastating leaks. But you know that.

We have communicated what we expect. And recently you have been coming to the party at least in terms of prosecuting migrant labour abuses. Smiley face and big tick!

But we are not going away. We know you purposefully did not consult with Maori over the Kermadecs. It?s not the first time you have tried to use Tangata Whenua (sorry, the Maori Party who are hardly representational) to shoot down labour and environmental issues at sea. Remember when the Maori Party changed their mind at the last moment in respect of the foreign charter legislation? They looked freaked out, didn?t they?. I wonder why. Don?t forget who you are dealing with. You cannot arrest us, we know too much ? and you know that very well now don?t you?

We know you know who we are. Hell, we don?t even bother to hide ourselves to mr LP. Top bloke.

Until soon