And so it begins…

With just one Tweet Phil Twyford has signalled the undermining of Andrew Little as leader.


With that single tweet the deeply racist Phil Twyford has signalled that the?days of Andrew Little leading the Labour party are coming to an end.

For a?man who screams and shouts at other caucus members who dare cross into his housing portfolio he seems quite comfortable dabbling in the portfolios of Grant Robertson and Stuart Nash. If this is the start of the undermining it will be interesting to know where Robbo stands on this pronouncement, he was after all donkey deep in the undermining of David Shearer and sent his emissaries, Twyford and Maryan Street, to deliver the bad news to Shearer.

Andrew Little has made it abundantly clear that there will be no capital gains tax in the first term of a government under his leadership. He’s spoken publicly about it and privately to members at meetings.

Make no mistake, this is a deliberate undermining of Andrew Little by Twyford.

There has been considerable talk in recent weeks about Twyford’s ambitions in and around the chattering classes of Wellington. He has made no secret of his ambitions, even if caucus thinks he is a sanctimonious prick, The bottom line is caucus has few options with Andrew Little failing to fire. No one seriously believes their polling and none believes the polling that was released publicly by Little int eh wake of a bad media poll.

A year out from the election and the undermining has begun.