And what are they going to do about it other than march backwards?


The Argies are upset again.

Argentina has complained to the British ambassador in Buenos Aires over military exercises including missile launches which the UK is planning to hold next week in the Falkland Islands.

Argentina?s government says it was informed by Britain that the exercises will be held between 19 and 28 October, and will include the launching of Rapier missiles.

In the note presented by the deputy foreign minister, Carlos Foradori, to Ambassador Mark Kent on Friday, Argentina asked Britain to call off the ?illegitimate? exercises. ??The behaviour of the United Kingdom contradicts the principle of the peaceful settlement of controversies supported unanimously by countries in the region,? the note said.

A spokeswoman for the British embassy in Buenos Aires called it a ?routine exercise? that takes places about twice a year.

What are they going to do? March backwards all the way to the UN for a whinge?

They don’t even have a navy and a barely functioning air force these days.

They should just STFU.


– The Guardian