Another of Angry Andy?s spin doctors leaves

Andrew Little 7

Angry Andy just can’t keep his staff.

You’d think a former union boss would know a thing or two about staff retention.

Another Labour Party press secretary has quit the party, the fourth to do so in just three months.

The latest casualty is Danya Levy, a senior press secretary who has worked at Parliament for 12 years in a number of roles, including as a journalist.

It leaves Labour with just two full-time press secretaries and a handful of other staff doing communications duties part time. ?

Last month two other press secretaries – Julie Jacobson and Miles Erwin – threw in the towel, and eight weeks before that chief press secretary Sarah Stuart quit as well.

Labour leader Andrew Little’s chief of staff Matt McCarten has also resigned, and will move to an Auckland-based role within the party in the lead up to the election.

Only Ms Stuart’s role has been filled, with former TVNZ journalist and NZ Rugby communications specialist Mike Jaspers being appointed, although yet to start.

Press secretaries stay if they think they will become the SPS of a minister. They leave if they think life will continue in opposition.

Clearly there is something endemic wrong in Little’s office that he has a revolving door for staff.