Assaults on guards up since SERCO got the boot

Who is going to be held to account for the massive increase in assaults on guards since Serco were given the boot?

Assaults on prison guards by inmates have increased by more than 100 in the last year.

But the Department of Corrections say that a three-year staff safety plan will “directly contribute to making prisons a safer environment”.

The Department of Corrections Annual Report was released at 4pm today and revealed that in the 2015/16 year just under 20 staff were seriously assaulted by inmates while on the job, and more than 450 minor and non-injury assaults were also reported.

In 2014/15 there were less than 10 assaults on staff classed as serious and just under 400 minor or non-injury incidents were recorded.

The report comes two days after three Corrections officers were assaulted – one of them seriously and requiring hospital treatment – by a group of prisoners at Auckland Prison.

The report, signed off by Corrections chief executive Ray Smith, revealed that the prison population has more than doubled since 1996.

Back then just 4079 people were incarcerated in New Zealand, compared with 9798 as of September this year. ?

As a result of that increase assaults on staff had also risen.

Better reporting of incidents by staff had also contributed to the increase.

The rate of prisoner-on-prisoner assaults remained about the same, with 45 incidents regarded as “serious” occurring in 2015/16.

Most of the assaults in prisons are gang connected.

“Prisoners with gang affiliations were said to commit a disproportionate number of assaults in prisons,” Corrections confirmed.

“In 2015, gang affiliated prisoners were responsible for just over half – 55 per cent – of assaults despite comprising 29 per cent of the prison population.”

Corrections bosses said staff safety was their priority.

Staff safety should be a priority. No one really cares about the prisoners, especially maximum security prisoners.

Basically, we have to accept assaults in prison. The people who get to sent to prison are bad bastards. They are violent thugs. It is as it ever was.

The only alternative is an island where they are dropped off and left to fend for themselves. Or a prison like Sona.



-NZ Herald