Auckland: A billion here, a billion there; soon you’re talking real money

The Government is expecting Auckland to spend $30 billion on infrastructure over the next ten years — over half of the total local Government infrastructure spend over the same period, and almost as much as central Government will spend.

Of the $30 billion, $8.5 billion will be on roads; $2.8 billion on rail and $2.5 billion on fresh water, storm water and sewage.

The figures are contained in Treasury?s annual National Infrastructure Report which was released on Friday.

Finance Minister Bill English says of the 3823 projects in the 2016-2025 pipeline, 219 belong to central government and are valued at $40.5 billion, 3559 belong to local government and are valued at $51.1 billion, and 45 projects belong to the private sector at a value of $9.2 billion.

This year?s Auckland figures are up over seven per cent on last year.

Hands up those who are expecting 2% rates rises under Phil?

That would tend to suggest that those who argue the Auckland infrastructure cost estimates are too low might have a point.

Of particular concern is the possibility that the current projection of $1.7 billion for the central rail loop will grow.

Concern? ?I’d bet my life on in. ?We all think of Christchurch as the place that required lots of money. Well, Auckland’s going to make that look like small change.

The Auckland estimates dwarf the rest of the country. Even Canterbury is projected to spend only $5.1 billion over the same time frame.

?The plan signals central government?s investment intentions over the coming years, which includes $3.8 billion in social investment ? such as health, education and property projects in Canterbury,? says Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Minister, Gerry Brownlee.

“On top of that, the government will spend $1.3 billion on transport projects in the region.

?Total government investment in Canterbury currently tops $5.1 billion.

But Wellington and Hamilton — though their jurisdictions are comparatively smaller to Auckland will spend just $2 billion between them.

There you go then.

But here’s the painful bit for people who didn’t even vote for Phil. ?Or Len. ? All you poor bastards outside of Auckland will end up paying for decades of vision-less management punctuated by an incompetent and empire building Len Brown.

The stupid thing is, Phil Goff will simply carry on. ? Central government will, after all, bail him out.

No matter the size of the problem, the incompetence, the corruption – Auckland is simply “Too big to fail”.


– Richard Harman, Politik