Australian Michael Smith does some straight talking about border protection



Australian Michael Smith gets to the heart of Australian border protection and addresses the key issues which have nothing to do with religion, race, gender or sexual orientation. His approach is practical and?common?sense. When you strip away all the background noise about religion, race, gender and sexual orientation and just look at cause and effect it is pretty obvious that what he is saying has the ring of truth.

Australia doesn’t execute people for not being like us. Islam does.

…We couldn’t give a rat’s about other people’s religion as long as they don’t want to hurt us.

And we don’t decide who’s in or kept out of our country on race, gender, sexual orientation or how they say their prayers.

In our democracy what goes on here is what we the people of Australia want to go on here. Not Muhammad. Not Buddha. And certainly not the views of Sunni Islam’s head office, Saudi Arabia spouted through slick PRs like Waleed Aly.

We don’t like it when people get killed because of something we did.

We are revolted when it’s children who have no say in getting on board leaky boats only to drown at sea while en route to claim a prize for mum and dad.

We’re more Hippocrates than Muhammad. First do no harm. We want to know a bit about who’s coming here and their intentions. We don’t want them dead on arrival. And self-selection or queue-jumping isn’t on.

Residency or citizenship in Australia is a glittering prize. Many want it. Let it rip and ruthless people smugglers will quickly fill the leaky boats again. That’s what happened last time… And thousands drowned.

Australians could see that our system was killing people. Mohameddan fatalist culture might cop that sweet as the will of a vengeful creator. But just like we do in most things – or overdo at work – it’s Safety First here and decent Australians won’t be a party to industrial scale killing.

I won’t cop two-faced criticism of our caring culture from a paid promoter of its opposite. The least worst option is the stable one we have now.

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s strong border protection and denial of the prize of residency to those who try to buck our system by arriving illegally by boat is working. Lives are being saved.

We can’t offer refuge to everyone on earth from those who’d attack or persecute them. But we can manage Australia and remove further unacceptable temptations and risks to life from our system.