Beating Social Justice Bullies at their own game

What are Social Justice Bullies made of?


Slugs and ?wails?and gender fluid tales, that’s what Social Justice Bullies are made of.


Until recently the Social Justice Bullies and other assorted Lefties dominated the outrageous?side of politics. They were the ones that dressed strangely and acted strangely and used ” Art ” as a means of both protest and expression.They acted like children, threw tantrums and grabbed media interest no matter how tenuous their arguments or logic. When it came to political expression they owned the stage. How could those straight-laced, prudish Conservatives ever hope to compete, restrained as they were by good manners and respect for the law?


Until recently stunts involving the smearing of blood or grown men dressed up as women were the exclusive purview of the Left side of politics. You have to hand it to the left, when it comes to theatrics and stunts they had we conservatives thrashed hands down but then along came a guy named Milo…

Rutgers Feminists Students Smear Themselves With Fake Blood to Protest

Rutgers Feminists Students Smear Themselves With Fake Blood to Protest

Milo has made being a conservative cool again. (Of course he is only 50% conservative as the other half is libertarian but we won’t quibble over percentages.) He started off using one of the Left’s tactics against them. He broke the conservative rule that demands that you stay polite no matter how rude and offensive the opposition might be. He not only insulted them right back, he mocked them and offended them while at the same time throwing fact after fact based logical arguments at them. People loved it. Finally, the right had a hero and one who was not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Milo Given Queen's Welcome At UC Santa Barbara

Milo Given Queen’s Welcome At UC Santa Barbara

Milo continued to push the envelope becoming more and more outrageous. He played up his gay sexuality, dressed up as a sexy policeman and was carried into a theatre on a throne carried by straight males. His speeches were theatrical and funny performances but were always underpinned with a cutting wit and a mind as sharp as a steel trap.



Recently Milo managed to shock even his most hardcore fans in what I can only describe as performance satire. In a brilliant attempt to mock Social Justice Bullies for their use of Art as a protest medium and their love of the shocking and macabre he had a bath in pigs blood.The whole thing was taking the mickey out of the Social Justice Bullies but some of his fans just didn’t get it. I got it because only a couple of weeks before he had dressed as a woman and sung a song in order to make fun of the current fad of gender fluidity.

Milo is a master of stealing the left’s theatrical platform out from under them and they don’t like it one little bit. My only concern is that some of his fans don’t get it and think that he has gone too far. Then again perhaps that is exactly the point he is making. The Left have gone too far and by aping them he is exposing their craziness for all the world to see. They think it is okay when they do it but are horrified when he does it. What will it take for them to see how bizarre their world actually is and how desperately they need to emulate the fact-based arguments of the right? The right may be boring but we do know that there is a lot more to politics than staging shocking stunts no matter how much the subject matter is dear to our hearts.

On the other hand, after watching the video of the blood bath stunt where a young man was interviewed, it is clear that Milo is winning over creative types to his side with his antics. He has shown that having conservative ideas does not equal boring and that the left is not the only home for people with artistic flair and imagination.



Below is the video of Milo before he took his blood bath explaining why he is doing it.