Bill Shorten doesn’t want gays to have mother in laws

Bill Shorten has decided that Labor won’t support gay marriage in Australia. He doesn’t want gays to have mother in laws like everyone else.

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the door is still open for same-sex marriage despite Labor ?playing politics? and putting party interests ahead of the wellbeing of same-sex couples.

Opposition Lead Bill Shorten announced on Tuesday he would put a stop to the ?harmful? plebiscite ? rejecting the Government?s election mandate ? in a bid to push a free vote in Parliament.

During Question Time, Mr Turnbull deflected a question on whether he would have a free vote in Parliament marriage equality. ?

Instead, he diverted the blame to Labor, saying the party should vote for the plebiscite if they wanted to see same-sex couples to get married.

?If the members opposite want to stop playing politics, if they want gay couples to get married, if they want them to get married, vote for the plebiscite,? he said.

?All they need to do is vote for it but the reality is the Labor Party wants to play politics with this issue much more than they want same-sex couples to be able to get married … You are putting politics and your games ahead of the interests of same-sex couples.?

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten defended Labor?s decision to block the Federal Government?s proposed plebiscite.

?Just because they went to the election (with the plebiscite proposal), doesn?t make a bad idea a good idea,? Mr Shorten told the Seven Network this morning.

?Why should gay people in Australia have to go through a lawmaking process that nobody else does? Why do their relationships have an opinion poll??

Mr Shorten said it was ?reckless? to ignore the experience of gay people and mental health experts.

So, Shorten doesn’t want the people of Australia to have a say about marriage equality. I think he might be surprised at how Australian’s vote. I imagine it would be along the same lines as here. People don’t care anymore what others do in the privacy of their own homes. If gays want mothers in law then let them have them, it is only fair that the particular misery of having a mother in law is shared equally.

Labor are just playing politics, they actually support marriage equality. But, like here in NZ where Labour played politics with the flag referendum, they are doing the same in Australia, except this time they are playing politics with other peoples lives.


-The Guardian,