Bludgers will be bludgers

Some people can never make a positive change in their life.

More than 200 beneficiaries who accepted a $3000 grant to work in Christchurch have been forced to return the money.

The?3K to Christchurch scheme was introduced?July 2014 in an effort to?help?Work and Income job seekers relocate for full-time employment.?They were offered?a one-off $3000?payment.

Figures released to RNZ showed?one out of every 10 who took?the grant had to give money back. ?

Of the more than 2000 grant recipients,?215 had to return the money because they did not meet the conditions of the grant.?A?further 15 people took the grant disingenuously, resulting in eight prosecutions.

It is?not the first time, beneficiaries were found to have taken advantage of the scheme.

In August 2014,?it was?reported that?12 people throughout the country, including two in the southern region, were being investigated because they had taken the $3000 but not shown up to work.

Most of the jobseekers had been employed in construction.

In December 2014,?Timaru company United Scaffolding, which operates around the South Island, said of the “six or seven” people it offered jobs to through the scheme, just one had shown up for work.

In December 2015, the Government reported?that of the more than 1700 clients who had?taken advantage of the scheme,?92 per cent of those remained off a benefit for longer than 91 days, 33 per cent were aged 24 or younger, with 53 per cent employed in the construction sector.

Bludgers do as bludgers are.


– Fairfax