Brexit will lead to Scexit


Nicola Sturgeon has insisted Brexit means the only question is how Scotland becomes independent and not when.

The SNP First Minister said her party had to answer the questions behind its 2014 referendum defeat.

But in her keynote address to the party conference in Glasgow, Ms Sturgeon insisted independence remained the answer to Scotland’s problems and that she was now more confident than ever before it would happen.

In an address dominated by her domestic agenda, Ms Sturgeon said Scotland deserved the power to ‘shape our own future’ and vowed to deliver an early second independence referendum if Theresa May negotiates a ‘hard Brexit’.

The First Minister said: ‘We know what kind of country we want Scotland to be. And I believe it’s a vision that unites us.

‘An inclusive, prosperous, socially-just, open, welcoming and outward-looking country.

‘The question now, in this new era, is how best to secure it. Let’s resolve as a nation to answer that question together.’

Another referendum with the outcome being that Scotland will align?itself with Europe. It is, after all, the bigger trough of socialist money.

The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the painful question of what the Unian Jack should be changed to once Scotland attached it to Europe’s breast.


– Tim Sculthorpe, Daily Mail